Logan Square Neighborhood Market Report

Block-by-block data on the local housing market.  Analyzed & Visualized.

Home Values, Visualized

Avg. home price is a one-dimensional metric. We graph the volume of area homes in each 100k range, showing the inventory at each price point.

Rental Market Analysis

The rentals market moves & breathes independent of the home sales market. We present distinct data & analysis for each market.

In-Depth Appreciation Rates

Know, quarter by quarter and year by year, how home values have fluctuated & know percentile-wise how that rate compares to other hoods.

Filtered by Home Age & Type

What good is a stat specific to single family homes in a condo-dominant area? Know the % of homes for each property type & construction era. 

We start with enterprise-grade census data, broken down block-by-block. Next, our content and design team sit down, sift through the numbers, and design an effective way to visualize our finds.

Where do we get our data?

Tracking fluctuations in resident income & education levels is an insightful way to visualize the direction an area is headed.

Jack Sayer    Logan Square Resident

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Zillow estimates. Idealty mines real census data & reports fact. For a decision involving my family, I demand the latter.

Sarah Kay    River North Resident

The ability to compare appreciation between several properties is invaluable info for investment-minded buyers.

Carrie Saks    Bucktown Resident

Showing the rental & home sales trends independently helped me discern which was a smarter move at the moment.

James Dixon    Old Town Resident

Give the report a once-over, then talk it over with a broker.
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